Artist Statement

My work as an artist is largely based around marker drawings of architecture and furniture. I use fine tip black markers, as well as black gouache, to manipulate and combine together multiple architectural perspectives and buildings, many of which include architecture I am familiar with. Starting by choosing two or more interior and exterior layers, I line up the layers in a way that allows them to interact, creating a new space. This new space examines the grey area of the superimposition of the interior and the exterior, referred to as the “between”. The “between” is often overlooked in architecture and my drawings further explore how multiple perspectives of a building can be manipulated to create this grey space.

The overwhelming nature of these drawings, through their intense detail, leads to my other pieces, which include exploring furniture and the surrounding area. The depth of the black gouache allows for the viewer to project his or her own memories into the artwork, while considering how furniture alone can create its own perspective of an architectural space. The architecture and furniture I base my works upon are functional objects. With my art, I intend to turn these once functional architectural perspectives of houses and furniture into new, multilayered fictional spaces of memory and place.